How to “opt out” of economic crisis

I’m going to say something controversial –

The best way to come out ahead of the incoming economic crisis…

…is to simply have such a high level of financial security that you barely even feel it.

It’s like how a 5.0 earthquake would rip down a tiny wooden shack in a matter of seconds…

But it’d be nothing more than a few small shakes to a well designed, well insulated architectural masterpiece.

See, you can’t ‘beat’ an earthquake altogether…

But there’s a LOT you can do to minimize its impact on you.

And dealing with inflation and economic fallouts works exactly the same way.

Now I know, some might tell you that having ‘lots of money’ is evil.

I disagree.

Because if you’re hurting thanks to inflation and the economy…

Well first of all, it weakens your own position as a provider…

…but then it also means you’re less able to go out and bless others. 

Think of all the people out there who will be affected by this massive economic ‘earthquake’.

They’re going to need your help and your service now more than ever.

See, while there are those who’d hoard their resources…

It’s people like us who’re willing to share them that will make the difference during these critical times.

Does that make sense?

I hope so, because that’s all I’ve got for you today.

And please, if you’re not already…

I can’t stress enough that now is the time for ACTION.

All it takes is one economic swing at the wrong time, and you and your loved ones could be set back for years.

…and the last thing on your mind then would be ‘starting a business’.

So you gotta be working to build yourself a massive economic safety net now.. before it’s too late.

Sorry – I promise I’m not here to spread fear.

It’s just that these are unprecedented times and I want you to be prepared.

In your service,

Cory Long

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There are many other ways to get that kind of lifestyle.

Some good. Some bad. Some are ethical… most aren’t.

But which one is right for you?