Does God Have A Perfect Will For Your life?

Have you ever struggled to know if you’re hearing God’s voice or direction, or if it’s just your own thoughts or desires?  

How do we know if we’re making the right decisions in life…

…especially when we want to follow God’s calling?

If you’ve ever had these questions…

You’re not alone!

And I have something that’ll help.

I uploaded one of my Kingdom Impact calls to YouTube…

I’ve been hosting these live calls for years now and this is one of my all-time favorites!

On the call you’ll hear…

  • The 3 most powerful ways the Will of God is outlined for us in scripture – and how we can use this to make Godly decisions.
  • What are the different points in our lives where we automatically self-sabotage, without even realizing it. And how to avoid them!
  • A new way to go about making decisions… that gets rid of all the fear, doubt and uncertainty that usually hold us back from doing what He’s calling us to.

…and more!

Just click here to watch for free on YouTube:

“Making Decisions and the Will of God”

If you’re struggling with making decisions, I really hope and pray this webinar is helpful.

– Cory