Check This Out – Huge DSF Win!

Hey there.

Quick email today 🙂

I just wanted to share an awesome success story inside DSF!

So if you’re already part of our community, hopefully it serves as a little extra motivation.

And if you’re not…

Then I hope this shows you what’s really possible once you jump in and get to work!

So here’s what happened…

It was just last month.

And Jason, one of our new students, joined the program around 10:30am on a Friday.

Later that day, he joined our Facebook group…

Here’s what he posted right away!

So he wasn’t even inside our community yet…

But with just a couple hours of going through the training…

He already had a verbal commitment for his first ever deal!

Amazing, right?

I have absolutely no doubt that Jason will be successful as a Digital Tentmaker.

Because if this is what he was able to achieve in 2 or 3 hours…

Imagine what he’ll be able to do in 2 or 3 months!

Anyways, that’s all I got today.

Remember… waiting for that “perfect” moment to get started doesn’t exist!

If you ask me, it’s all about imperfect action.

Because Jason’s learning on the fly…

And that approach is already paying off!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Your brother in Christ,

Cory Long

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